Real estate agent services
January 9, 2019

Liza is incredibly personable and pleasant to work with. We knew we wanted to hire her the moment we met her. We were on the market for over 2 years getting a sense of what our dream home would be and spent nearly every weekend looking at countless homes. Liza is angelically patient and has a genuine passion for helping people find the perfect place for them to call home. After finding our awesome house we purchased a second home for my mom with her later the next year. We put Liza through the ringer with with all the ways in which we were willing to house us all, including purchasing land upon which to build, houses with guest cottages, possibly convertible basements, and more. She knows all there is to know about all the possibilities and thanks to us she is been in nearly every house in the county. She excels at communication and negotiating optimal and strong contracts. I recommend her to every one I know!